MKVI to SE7EN E-Module Upgrade Deposit

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  • $ 500

Back by popular demand, Poseidon has extended the MKVI to SE7EN upgrade program.  This enables MKVI owners to upgrade their electronics to the latest SE7EN e-module and access all the benefits of Poseidon's state-of-the-art rebreather technology.

We have a limited number of upgrades available at this great discounted pricing, so place your deposit here and we will contact you to go through your purchase options, which are:

- Choose between the M28 Computer or Paddle Display (or no display if you already have your own M28)

- SE7EN E-module (no display) $3,325 MSRP

- SE7EN E-module with Paddle Display $3,995.95 MSRP

- SE7EN E-module with M28 Computer $4,995.95 MSRP

- Once you purchase your upgrade, we will ask you to return your old MKVI e-module to us to qualify for the discount on the SE7EN e-module upgrade

Dealer pricing available upon request

If you have any questions, please email us at or call (310) 821-8800 x 2 and we'll be happy to help!